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Level Up Your Pro Makeup Artistry Skills

Personable Classes Customized for Aspiring to Intermediate

Pro Makeup Artists, Estheticians, & Hair Stylists


Presented by Kristin Mirabelle,
Founder & Lead Artist at
Pure Beauty Asheville

I'm here to empower you with the confidence and skills I've gained from doing makeup for celebrities, weddings, ad campaigns and commercials, fashion, editorial, makeup classes & special events for over 18 years!

My specialty is in skin tone matching, skin care, and creating soft looks with a pop of color that last. 




Are you an aspiring makeup artist, esthetician, or hair stylist looking to hone your makeup skills and learn how to make women of all ages and skin colors look and feel incredible?

Doing makeup as a career is pretty awesome!


If you feel a little lost in different makeup situations and are tired of trying to learn haphazard tips from influencers, you’re in the right place. I got you!

Feel More of This In Your Life...


You show up to do makeup for clients feeling relaxed, excited, knowing you have the wisdom and skills to turn out raving clients.


You get to use your creative skills to help women look and feel powerful, beautiful, and radiant.


Making meaningful connection with someone who you get to lift up and make look and feel their best, while doing what you love!


Your skills and portfolio will set you up to have clients excited to invest in you so you can enjoy the quality of life you deserve!

White Abstract

" The best colour in the whole world is the one that looks
good on you."

Coco Chanel


What you get to learn....


Build your pro makeup kit to have exactly what you'll need for all situations and how to use tools


Anatomy of Skin

Learn how to prep the skin and also communicate with clients to help them prepare for your makeup application.


Color & Contour

Go deeper into color theory, application techniques, proper placement and formula choices  for different face shapes & features.


Acing your consultations & trials. Learn the delicate balance of art and communication to create work you're proud of and that your clients LOVES!


Business of being a makeup artist. Pricing, sales processes, portfolio, marketing so your art doesn't just become an expensive hobby.


Homework + Feedback.

You'll receive real life assignments and get feedback & guidance to help you grow your skills quickly.

Imagine This...

You show up to do makeup for a client feeling relaxed, confident, and excited. You get to share your art to make a woman feel their best for their wedding, event, or photo shoot.


You have a crystal clear process for every skin type and color.

You know exactly what colors are going to make her radiate. You know what products are going to stay put so you don’t have to worry if her face is melting off later when you’re not there.


She sees herself and lights up like a light bulb when she sees herself. She didn’t know she could look THIS GOOD!


You get incredible pictures to continue to build your portfolio and got paid well for having fun making someone look and feel great. She passes on her info to her friends and family and voila! You’re growing your raving fan base.

Class Overview

Classes are one-on-one in person or online
What we cover will be customized to where you're at and where you need the most help.
I'm also available as a guest teacher to customize classes for your beauty team. Contact us HERE for questions or group rates.

Makeup Brushes

1. Building Your Makeup Kit Like a Legit Pro



-You’ll get a detailed overview of the products you’ll most need that will equip you in any situation, including skin care, prep, and other tools needed.


-Learn what products are going to perform best for every client


- I can work with you to assess what you already have so we can keep what’s going to perform best and make your life easier. Then supplementing where it’s needed

2. The Anatomy of Skin



-The skin is the canvas for everything else. If the skin is rough, flaky, red, acne prone, excessively dry or oily your makeup is not going to sit right or wear well. Learn how to prep the skin and also communicate with clients to help them prepare for your makeup application.


-Color correcting and color matching. It sounds simple, but looks can be deceiving. Ultimately, our clients don’t want to feel like they’re wearing a mask and no one wants to see a different color on their face than on their neck and chest. Not cute.

Build the confidence in learning how to easily assess the perfect color match and formula for their skin type.

3. Color & Contour



-Learn proper placement and formula choices for contour and blush for different face shapes to flatter their best features.


-Get the down low on colors that are most flattering while also meeting your client where they’re at in terms of what they want. We dive in to color analysis so when you’re consulting with your client, you’re able to make suggestions with confidence that also honors who they are and what they’re looking for


-Learn how to apply eyeshadow and liner to different eye shapes that make their eyes pop


-How to ace the lips so they’re smooth and so the lip products have longevity for your client


-Uncovering your unique style that your clients will come to know and love you for

4. Acing Your Consultations and Trials



-The consultation you do with your client before you work together and in person is super important. You’re not just there to do what you want. There’s a meeting place in the middle from your vision and theirs.


-Ask the right questions and get clear on a direction for both of you so you can ensure your client feels seen, heard, and ultimately looks fabulous


-You will have homework assignments throughout working together. Some things that can be done right from home and others working with practice clients so you can put to work everything you’re learning and receive feedback


5. The Business of Being a Makeup Artist



-How to price your services so you’re not going broke with an expensive creative hobby


-Sales Processes to make bookings easy for you and your client


-Marketing : Sorry, not sorry but what good are all these skills if no one knows you exist. I help you get clear on a marketing strategy that is authentic to you and gets you clients without feeling drained or icky.


-How to build your portfolio


-How to take and edit beautiful pictures on your phone


-How to build relationships with other creative professionals to grow your business

Start Your Journey As A Thriving Pro Makeup Artist Here!

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Pro Makeup Artist
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