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Hi, I'm Kristin.


I've always been drawn to the arts. Creating is like air to me. 

My journey with makeup started with my own skin challenges and insecurities. It led me down a path to learning how to heal my skin and how to do makeup.

I struggled with confidence and loving who I am and how I look. It's taken years of focused healing through therapy and holistic health to love, accept, and celebrate myself. 

It's a privilege to be able to use my skills, knowledge, and compassion to make people feel beautiful. I'm most passionate educating about skin care and beauty - promoting kindness to ourselves through the products used as well as our attitude towards ourselves and beauty.


The beauty industry can be toxic. Not just with ingredients but the words and ideas that creep into the subconscious.

I'm about making the beauty journey more relaxed and fun.

I spent the last 18 years working in fashion, editorial, advertising, special events, commercials, music videos, with celebrities, as well as beauty education.

I now also teach aspiring makeup artists to hone their craft and grow their beauty business.

I'm excited to get to know you and help you look and feel your best.

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